Sharon Lee Psychic Medium, Melbourne
Sharon Lee Spiritual Medium
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I am a psychic medium with over thirty years experience in serving the spirit realm.

I come from a family of spiritualists and the gift of "sight" goes back generations within my family. I was born in Wales, United Kingdom, migrating with my family to Australia in 1964. At seven years of age I became acutely aware of the spirit world.

My grandfather appeared to me in the physical form three days after his passing. He spoke to me and assured me that he was well and happy and wished the same for his family. I have had many of these types of experiences over the years.

I have been fortunate enough to have personally watched many highly experienced mediums at work. From those experiences I have learned and observed the way in which spirit works and interacts with us all. I have had some amazing experiences.

My journey and spiritual development is still continuing as I believe there is no destination with our learning, as it is never ending.

I know and trust that our friends and loved ones and even our passed pets in the spirit world are there to support, guide and assist us. Our loved ones only wish is to bring messages of comfort love, proof of survival, guidance and reassurance to their loved ones here in the physical world. Our past loved ones and friends wish us to know they live on in the spirit realm and one day they will be reunited with you once more.

It is my wish for all who are grieving the loss of loved ones and friends, to experience this wonderful healing connection with our dear ones in the spirit world.

I also enjoy teaching others to develop their intuitive gifts. I offer mediumship classes, spiritual workshops and meditation groups as well as private readings.

Please take the time to read my testimonials written by some of my students and private reading clients.
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