Sharon Lee Psychic Medium, Melbourne
Sharon Lee Spiritual Medium
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Sharon Lee can identify and assist you in nurturing your psychic and mediumistic gifts.

spiritual development class If you are beginning to explore your psychic and mediumistic abilities or expand on your previous experience, I have courses you will love.

My courses nurture my students, and through my guidance empower people to understand how we can work with our intuition in a safe, warm, friendly and often a laughter filled space. We all have gifts to a certain degree, some stronger than others and we can learn to tap into our intuitive gifts and potentially expand and strengthen them with practice, tools and guidance.

Mediumship Development Course Melbourne

My Spiritual Development courses cover the development of feelings linked to Clairsentience - the ability to feel, Clairaudience - the ability to hear and Clairvoyance - the ability to see. Giving you the ability to consciously use and understand these feelings.

spiritual development course
Also to understand the difference between working as a Psychic and a Medium. We explore psychometry which is the touching of objects and photographs in order to obtain energetic impressions and pass on messages also many other methods of communicating with spirit.

WHERE: Croydon, VIC
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NOTE: You will be informed when classes are planned and a registration form will be made available then. Please do not email asking for class dates, I will let everyone know when the time comes.

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