Sharon Lee Psychic Medium, Melbourne
Sharon Lee Psychic Medium
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The services I offer may empower you, encouraging you to move forward with confidence and courage on your life journey.

I am based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, please keep reading to find my list of services and information on how you can contact me to arrange a private reading or enquire about any of my classes.

mediumship readings, Melbourne

psychic medium Sharon Lee, Psychic Readings As a Medium I build a link to the spirit realm and bring forward messages from passed loved ones, friends and others known to the sitter (the person receiving the reading).

The messages given from spirit are what we call proof of survival in that life is continuous, that there is no death and our loved ones go on and are often only a thought away which can be very moving and emotional for the sitter.

These sessions can be a wonderful opportunity to communicate with our loved ones and friends. Many who have experienced my readings have remarked that they felt a sense of peace, love, happiness and upliftment after their sitting. Many see it as a healing which can enable them to move forward with their grief. Some say they experience peace of mind knowing that their loved ones walk beside them and one day they will be reunited.

While no medium can summon anyone specific from the other side of life it is important to understand that whoever comes through with information for the sitter is out of the mediums control.

You may bring along photos of a specific person in spirit if you wish. This may help strengthen the link to that person but there are no guarantees that that particular person will come through.

A Mediumship reading may help to remove any fears you may have of passing into the spirit world. Some say it opens their hearts and minds to spirit which can be a life changing experience.

Melbourne psychic readings

Psychic readings are offered to people who have no need or desire to connect with the spirit world. Instead they may require a “life guidance reading”. When conducting a psychic reading the psychic medium will focus on the auric field of the sitter. Within the auric field is the blueprint of the clients life story, the past, present and their future. psychic medium Sharon Lee, Psychic Readings

The guidance and insights given in a psychic reading may relate to work, relationships and many other life challenges and situations surrounding the sitter. During these sittings the psychic medium may offer guidance and information on the past, present and future situations.

As the psychic medium blends with the auric energy of the sitter accurate and specific information regarding past and present is often given.

The guidance and probable outcomes for future events and situations may give the sitter the clarity and confidence to move forward in life.

All spiritual readings are guides to making choices that only you yourself can make regarding your life path. We all have free will.