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Sharon Lee Spiritual and Psychic Medium
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Welcome to the Rosslyn Sanctuary.

Rosslyn Sanctuary is a space I have created for like minded people, enquirers into all things spiritual. We are not affiliated with any religious groups yet have a strong sense of spiritual being and living.

I am a spiritual medium and have sensed the spirit world all my life. It has been a dream of mine to bring people together to experience communication with spirit, and open minds by hearing about other interesting thoughts and ideas. Other than myself, these evenings will include guest demonstrating mediums, and speakers who will share their experiences with us all. Come along and receive messages of love, evidence of life after life, survival and healing from your loved ones in the spirit world. These evenings will also include inspiration music.

Rosslyn Sanctuary will also provide a wonderful platform for students to practice their mediumship in a safe, supported and loving space.

Rosslyn Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation. Any monies raised after running costs will be donated to Dementia Australia, a cause very close to my heart.

All mediums, speakers and other participants will give their time, support and service freely to create an affordable experience for all. ANAM CARA is Celtic, meaning SOUL FRIENDS. Invite a friend and come along to share with soul friends, learn, laugh, inspire and be inspired. Make some wonderful connections with like minded people. All are welcome to be a part of our new community.

The evenings are held on the last Thursday evening of each month.

Venue: Room 4, The Maroondah Federation Estate
32 Greenwood Avenue, Ringwood Vic 3134
Time: 7:30pm – 9pm
Contact: e: | m: 0499 759 997
Entry: $10 at the door