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psychic medium Sharon Lee

"What an amazing experience this was. I recently had my first ever mediumship reading by Sharon and she was amazing. She was absolutely spot on about everything and she told me things that were impossible for her to know. I highly recommend Sharon if you are looking for a reading, you will not be disappointed. Sharon has such an amazing gift and I feel privileged to have had a reading in which the main person I wanted to connect with in the spirit world came through. All of the questions I had were answered. Thank you Sharon for sharing your special gift with me." - Colleen

"Sharon was so spot on about the future in my life, with so many things being true." - Cassie

"Thank you so much Sharon for such an amazing reading yesterday. I feel so much at peace now knowing that my Dad and Mum are together again who both came through in the reading. Thank you for your beautiful spiritual work you are 1 of a kind." - Ang

"Thank you for an amazing reading last Tuesday, Sharon. You tapped into so many different areas of my family, love and career life that I was left speechless. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease as if you've know me all my life! Such a unique experience that has left me feeling at peace and has given me so much clarity and self awareness. Still can't believe the message you gave me to pass on and the beautiful connections you made with my loved ones. I'm so glad I had the privilege to meet such a gifted, special lady. Many thanks for your advice and guidance." - Lynda

"Sharon is such a lovely, kind soul and was so spot on with the reading. She definitely made me feel clarity and I 10/10 recommend her! Thank you so so much for today" - Rachel

"Sharon is amazing. I have been to other mediums but never before have I had so much clarity. The things Sharon told me today about my past and loved ones was mind blowing. What a beautiful loving soul. I will never see another medium apart from Sharon. I haven't felt at peace for a very long time and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is going to be ok. I can't thank you enough Sharon" - Mary

"I looked around for a medium for a number of months following the death of my loved one and Sharon was the one I kept coming back to. When booking my appointment I gave no information other than my name, number and mentioned I wanted a session after losing a loved one.

Sharon was unbelievably accurate in the information she gave. I was totally blown away by how spot on she was with the personalities of love ones and the connections she was able to make. She spoke of things I wouldn’t have even have thought she would know.

Sharon has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for a psychic medium. I am still lost for words regarding my experience. She was able to connect me with my loved ones and will be forever grateful for this. Thank you again Sharon" - Kiera

"Thank you so much Sharon for the wonderful and accurate reading. You’re one of the best accurate Psychics I have ever been to and your abilities are just out of this world.

Sharon is a genuine, warm, kind, friendly and giving valuable insight yet honest reader who will answer your questions with accuracy and so much detail. She is such a lovely, softly spoken and an amazing lady and has been pretty accurate with details about my past and future and was able to find the answers I was looking for and she has a strong connection with spirits.

I look forward to communicating with you again in the near future and I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Medium or Psychic as it is hard to find a honest, reliable and spot on Psychic these days." - Ann

"One of the most amazing experiences in my life and I have Sharon to thank for that! Would highly, highly recommend for everyone.

I felt comfortable from the get go and all the questions I have been wondering for a while were answered, with out me asking them! Was incredible to be able to hear from my loved ones who have passed and great to have that reassurance. Thank you Sharon, you are incredible." - Stash

"I was recommended by a friend to see Sharon. I have seen other physics and mediums in the past, but Sharon by far was the most lovely, down to earth and honest!

My experience with her was relaxing like chatting to an old friend about past loved ones and exciting things to happen in the future! I had past loved ones come through, new to the spirit world and old.

I also had my partners grandparents come through which was really beautiful too as I had never met them. Thank you so much Sharon, you are a beam of light and love and it was a pleasure meeting you and having you read me! Can’t wait for our next encounter, enjoy your holiday xxx" - Ellen

"Sharon Lee did a reading for me on the 16th of July 2016. All Sharon knew was my first name and mobile number. I did not add her on facebook or brief her on what I need answers. It was comforting to know Sharon does not use the help of any evil spirits and certainly does not do anything weird. It was more like a comforting conversation in a positive and spiritual environment.

I had my set of questions and Sharon had answers for me even before I asked them to her. She did not guess but accurately stated the names of my dearest ones and also places that mean something to me. I am a shut book with everything personal to all those I am not close to. The hardest of characters to read I am. Hence, the accuracy of the reading blew me away.

I came home feeling connected to my loved ones, content with life and the recording of my reading gives me strength and hope for the days I look forward to. I really am grateful to you Sharon. I cannot wait to give you feedback on when the wonderful things you predicted for me come true. Lots of love" - Natasha

"I’m the type of person who is open-minded, but I also consider myself logical and not one to be easy fooled. I turned up not knowing what to expect. Sharon was welcoming and I felt at ease with her from the start.

She was genuine, straight forward, which is what I appreciated. I didn’t have to ask the questions that had been burning in my mind before-hand .. she was able to answer them anyway. No cards needed. I was constantly amazed and pleasantly surprised with the accuracy she was able to tell me about my world. I’ve been to 3 readers before this one in my life, and Sharon by far was the most "specific" (VERY specific) psychic I’ve ever experienced. I walked away with a lot more than I anticipated and closure I didn’t realise I had been longing for.

I’ve passed on some messages to those closest to me and they too were moved by it. Sharon thank you very much, don’t be surprised if you have a few more clients making appointments with you soon! Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended. You have an advocate in me and will be seeing you again sometime in the future!" - Kim

"I’d like to start off by thanking Kim for referring me to Sharon. As a believer in spirits myself, I had actually never gone to see a Psychic Medium before. I’m a believer in fate, and I believe Kim came to visit me during an ideal time in my life and that Sharon was meant to take me on this journey, today.

You will honestly have the most amazing experience, so just embrace it and go with the flow. I personally felt nervous and emotional in the beginning but by the end I felt like I had received a lot of love, guidance, peace and valuable information.

Thank you Sharon for connecting me with my loved ones, you are truly genuine, gentle and specific. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to all my friends and family." - Karolina

"Thank you so much Sharon for the wonderful and accurate reading. You're one of the best accurate Psychics I have ever been to and your abilities are just out of this world.

Sharon is a genuine, warm, kind, friendly and giving valuable insight yet honest reader that will answer your questions with accuracy and so much detail. She is such a lovely, softly spoken and an amazing lady and has been pretty accurate with details about my past and future and was able to find the answers I was looking for and she has a strong connection with spirits.

I look forward to communicating with you again in the near future and I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Medium or Psychic as it’s hard to find a honest, reliable and spot on Psychic these days" - Ann

"I recently visited Sharon and I have to say it was the best experience of my life! She was spot on with everything and I was absolutely blown away! I’m so glad I went and I will never forget it! Sharon was also very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. Thankyou Sharon for a wonderful reading." - Vanessa

"Dear Sue, this morning I went to see Sharon Lee and I was blown away by the reading I received. Sharon was accurate, and articulate in bringing forth my loved ones who had passed over. Sharon’s candid messages and integrity are beyond reproach. She validated my feelings and emotions. I would gladly recommend Sharon’s services to anyone looking for insight and clarity. Thank you Sharon Lee you are amazing." - Missy

"I had a reading with Sharon today. She was amazing! Told me messages from loved ones that had passed. I’m really at peace after having met Sharon thank you so much." - Julie

"Hi Sue, Can you please pass on to Sharon my greatest thank you The reading was amazing and blew me away. I felt happy, sad and peaceful with the information she provided. So shocked at the details she was able to talk about.Thank you thank you thank you." - Liz

"Hello. My sister saw you yesterday and I just wanted to say thankyou for everything. Mum and the rest of our family were blown away by what you said about dad. It sure has helped us a lot. Thank you thank you." - Glenn

"Thank you sooo much for my reading today, you are truly gifted, amazed at how many times my hair stood on end. WOW. I will be singing your praises from the roof tops my dear. God Bless." - Anne

"An hours reading with Sharon will give you a lifetime of wisdom! About six months ago, Sharon did a Skype reading for me that was 100% spot on for the life I was experiencing then. Her mediumship too (ability to connect with those in spirit) was so precise - naming the names (straight out) and even the roles of those people in my life. The reading was goosebump-inducing incredible. Six months on and I recently listened to the recording of the reading and realised how much of Sharon’s predictions have come true - right down to the weeks/months she predicted events would happen. The best bit though is the words of wisdom given back then are so pertinent for my world today. Thanks Sharon for that hour that continues to inspire me today. Look forward to talking again one day. All the very best." - Leeann

"Totally awesome experience! Sharon is just amazing, she's certainly got a gift!" - Haichy

"Hi Sharon, I really enjoyed meeting you. Loved and gob smacked with my reading" - Kylee

"Thank you so much for bringing my Mum through to me last night. Losing Mum only three months ago and only being so young myself has been the toughest journey but you have brought me so much comfort, love and peace. The accuracy of my reading is nothing short of incredible. I will be raving about my experience for some time to come! Thank you for sharing your gift with me xx" - Gemma

"Sharon, thankyou again for your excellent, professional guidance and in-depth insight today. Again another reading that proved to be greatly enlightening and insightful for me. Your warmth and compassion throughout my reading was greatly appreciated." - Camille

"The more I remember about my reading with Sharon the more I am so surprised!! The accuracy - the messages, spot on and having the CD also helps me remember more details. So, if you have questions to ask, you don’t need to as they will be answered! And you can feel spirit in the room. Again, Sharon IS THE REAL DEAL.
See her with an open heart, open mind, and accept the messages spirit will give you. (I got a shaking finger from my OMA (grandmother) LOL !) Just goes to PROVE that you ARE NEVER EVER ALONE, even when you 'think' you are ~ do what I do now .. pretend you are being watched and you can do no wrong .. cos YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!! Intuition plays a huge part in your life and Sharon’s true connection, accuracy makes one realise how connected we are.
Private info that no one knew about, spirit did ( well of course they do ) but info I needed to know and be reminded of. ONE OF THE BEST!!! AND MEDIUMS LIKE SHARON ARE VERY RARE!! ITS TRUE!!" - Carine

"I could not have been happier with my reading with you. Months of uncertainty and so many questions I had, you answered them with amazing clarity. Dates, names and events were given with incredible accuracy. You described my current situation perfectly and your gift is just incredible. As good as your psychic ability and connection to the spirit world is, your warm nature and kindness made it an even more enjoyable experience. I have no doubt I will be back in the not too distant future for another reading and will certainly be recommending family and friends to see you. Thanks so much once again." - Chris

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psychic medium Sharon Lee

"We had an amazing day on Saturday 3rd June. As soon as I walked into the room I knew this is where I should be. A wonderful group, a wonderful Teacher. Thank you Sharon. Don't think about it....Do it..." - Irene

"For over a year now I have been a student in Sharon’s Mediumship and Psychic Development classes. I started off very green and nervous that I wasn’t ’capable’ and wouldn’t be any good. I shouldn’t have wasted the energy worrying! Everyone who comes to Sharon’s classes is treated with the same kindness, respect and guidance regardless of their abilities. Sharon is a truly gifted medium and a natural teacher. Each student is gently guided and shown how to master their own skills and practice them one on one. I usually struggle to find time for myself as a busy working mum but it is never hard for me to get to class each week because I want to be there. I would highly recommend Sharon Lee’s classes to anybody who would like to learn more about the fabulous craft of mediumship and psychic abilities!" - Heather

"I have been a student in Sharon’s classes for more than a year now and love every minute of them. I have grown a lot spiritually and made aware of my gift as an empath. Sharon is a wonderful teacher who is very supportive, encouraging and patient with all her students and allows us the opportunity to develop our gift." - Lucia

"Becoming a part of Sharon’s psychic circle has been a very encouraging and supportive experience for me. We work hard and have some great fun too, thank you for letting me into your circle Sharon I feel very honoured that you would help and support me on my spiritual journey I still have so much to learn, but with you and the group to guide me I look forward to the adventure." - Amanda

"I highly recommend Sharon’s classes. She is a gifted and talented psychic medium who has a sincere desire to see her students grow. I first met Sharon when she gave me a reading and she was able to give me specific evidence that my mother was in spirit. She gave me the young age my mother died in addition to many other pieces of spot on information. Her classes are fun, informative, relaxing and inspirational. She is a true spiritual person who walks her talk and I highly recommend her to all seekers of truth." - Michelle

"Hi Sharon. Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. It’s funny how after you leave you start to put things together and remember things... and think of questions!!! Maybe I’ll have to come back! If you are thinking of having a reading with Sharon, go ahead and make your appointment. You won’t be disappointed!!" - Deb

"Sharon you are amazing. After a reading with you last year everything you said has been happening over the last month or so. I thank you as all that you told me is helping me get through it all." - Jane

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psychic medium Sharon Lee

"Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have participated in a workshop held by Sharon Lee and found her to be a lovely warm person. I had only one other experience with these types of workshops and although I helped open my eyes to this whole other world that I believed existed, I didn’t feel I got what I need from that particular workshop.
However, Sharon Lee’s workshop ran differently and I walked away wanting to learn so much more from her. The excitement I felt when I’d learned Sharon was starting beginners classes was amazing, my sister caught the bug from me and joined Sharon’s classes too." - Daniela