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Sharon Lee Psychic Medium
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All testimonials on this website have been personally written by my clients themselves and posted on my facebook page.
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psychic medium Sharon Lee

“Hi Sharon. Thanks for the fantastic reading last Saturday. You are amazing how you connect with people in spirit. I was very lucky to have been given your contact details from a friend. Messages you gave me from spirit were truly helpful and inspiring. This is the very first time after visiting a Psychic I have played the DVD at home. You are truly blessed to have this wonderful gift which I’m sure you use to help people find closure with past relatives. I will be referring you to all my friends and relatives.. you are truly the 'Real McCoy'. Thanks again xx” - Daniela

“Today I had my very first reading ever and I am so privileged sharon lee was the person to do it.. I have always believed in after life but the accuracy Sharon provided made me an even stronger believer! I just want to thank you sharon for sharing your gift with me and giving me a chance to communicate with my loved ones ( especially my dad ) I now know he is always there for me even if I can’t see him and it has already opened up a whole new world knowing this.. Sharon I am so grateful to have met you and I will be sure to let everyone know how much you can make someone’s day with your humour and warm presence and link to the after life I will never forget this day xxxxx thankyou” - Casey

“Thankyou Sharon you are incredible you answered so many questions we would of never known. My daughter is at peace, understands and is so much calmer. Thank You we believe no one could have known what you told us. We will definitely be back. xx” - June

“Blown away by the accuracy of the reading over Skype. The names given - all straight out were correct - dates correct, the description of people in spirit - spot on - aaaamazing! Sharon you’re a truly gifted and beautiful energy that has eased over three months of worry and stress in just one hour. Thank you for your time and talents. I will always remember this. Blesssing, hugs and kisses xo” - Leeann

“I would love to thank you for my reading that you gave me today.It has given me so much comfort and reassurance I can’t explain the difference that you have made to my life. Your reading was so accurate and touching. You have restored my Faith. I shall be telling anyone that will listen how wonderful you are xx” - Sheree

“Brilliant, amazing the best spiritual reading I’ve ever had. Very gifted lady Sharon Lee you are my angel x” - Craig

“Thank you for the best Mediumship Reading ever today Sharon. Having recently lost my beautiful husband Ian, you made hit after hit after hit every time without me telling you anything at all. Even the most personal of details you were 100% correct. It was such a healing moment to receive those validations. How people can not believe, is beyond me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You truly brought me happiness at this devastating time.” - Michelle

“Hi Sharon, I love you to the moon and truly are an amazing woman with a very special gave me the strength and hope to keep positive in my little situation...and I thankyou so very much. Thankyou for being there when I needed you. I would like you to join us when we pop the cork of the bubbles and sit out on the deck with us at our NEW HOME! Love you so much...xxxxx” - Wendy

“Thank you so much for my reading today, I certainly received some much needed comfort and reassurance.” Xxx Julie

“Shaz was amazing! I felt so welcomed when I first met her. The reading was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Thank you so much Shaz . . I can’t wait to see you again for another reading.” - Leonie

“Shazz ... What can I say ... Truly amazing thank you xx.” - Michelle

“Hi Sharon, Thank you sooo much for your wonderful reading last week, I’ve had to sit and digest all that you have given me it was truly a wonderful reading with an unexpected vistor that has helped me greatly with some closure, thank you for sharing your gift. xx” - Karen

“WOW Sharon, what an amazing life changing reading you gave me yesterday, no words can express how much it meant to me, I now feel like the weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can make the changes in my life that I need to to be happy, THANK YOU so so much. And, to top that off you are such a lovely lady that I felt so comfortable being around xx” - Lee

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psychic medium Sharon Lee

“Thankyou Sharon, for letting me sit with you and your beautiful class of budding mediums. The evidence they bought through for under your caring guidance was nothing short of amazing. I have come away from tonight feeling truly blessed and humbled. Sometimes one receives a gift. It may not come all wrapped up in shiny paper with a big red bow but it is priceless. What flows from the heart goes to the heart. Thankyou Spirit, Sharon Lee and your blessed little mediumship flowers. Top of Form” - Belinda

“I’m very impressed and absolutely love Sharon’s classes. She has the spirit of a true teacher who inspires others and is a role model. 'Wonderful', 'Caring', 'Deep understanding', 'Dedication', 'Passion', 'Knowledge' and 'Patience' are some of the words that come to mind when I think of her. Her incredible insight will guide you to your destination step by step. I wanted to thank you for being that special teacher and for making my 'Tuesday’s' special days. Blessings.” - Sandra

“Sharon’s classes are small which is fantastic, everyone gets to learn at a much nicer pace, there is more time to learn and develop our gifts as well as having the time to discuss and share our experiences with each other.
It has, so far, been an incredible awakening for me personally, as I have discovered, through Sharon’s teachings, the amazing gifts I have, the ability to communicate with my guides and work with them daily, whether it’s through automatic handwriting, reading photos of past loved ones or those that are still with us, and one of my favorites, working with my healing guides, healing those in need of it.
I accredit Sharon Lee to all that I have learned and achieved these past few months and I cannot wait to learn so much more from her. I truly believe it is her patience, encouragement, faith and guidance which make her a wonderful teacher.
Thank you Sharon for helping me discover my amazing gifts. Many, many thanks.” - Daniela